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Coach Sherman Givens the CEO of SportsPowerPros LLC. is excited to announce the partnership with Full Circle Health one of the top Mental Health Wellness Companies in the Unites States, based in New York City, Westchester County. We have combined Sports and Mental Health Wellness Organizations together while joining forces to not only serve elite athletes, NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL but providing these Wellness Services to all students from middle to high school and college students.


Our Staff 

Dr. Derek Suite has over 20 years experience providing Strategic Leadership Counseling, Executive Coaching and Organizational Mental Performance Consultation. He is currently the Senior Peak Performance Consultant and Organizational Mental Performance Coach for New York Knicks and New York Jets. Dr. Suite is also the Consulting Team Sports Performance Psychiatrist for the New York Rangers and former team Psychiatrist for the New York Liberty. Dr. Suite is a National Motivational Speaker who frequently lectures on sleep and performance, mental recovery and performance, the role of mindfulness and spirituality in managing performance anxiety, implicit bias and cross-cultural communication, and mastering the strategic use of leadership soft skills.


Coach Sherman Givens QMHP/A CSAC-A

Coach Givens has over 25 years of Coaching in the NBA, Coaching Consultant for the New York Knicks - NBA, G League (Westchester Knicks) NCAA College Basketball (Nyack College, Manhattan Community College), Certified Sports Agent since 2006, Certified to teach the NCAA Curriculum to high school juniors and seniors. International Scout for Mexico Professional Basketball League. Coach Givens not only has an extensive background to Coaching, he’s also Certified in Mental Health Credentials for Qualified Mental Health Practitioner for Adults and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor – Assistant.


SportsPowerPros LLC . We are excited about offering professional NBA style workouts. We will be offering these workouts to Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Professional Athletes looking to take their skills, talents and abilities to the next level. We will provide state of the art speed and agility training similar to what the NBA provides for the rookies that are drafted. We are currently working with athletes in all sports providing these explosive techniques to help athletes elevate their skills sets and provide opportunities for Owners and Coaches to notice the difference in their approach and professionalism on and off the court. We look forward to providing our services to athletes in the Hampton Roads Area.   We welcome the opportunity to take your athletes or teams to the next level. 


Please contact us at:

Coach Sherman Givens                                                        917-969-2520                               


Sports Power Pros uses cutting-edge cognitive technology and practices to help athletes reach their peak performance.  Our team focuses on the actions, mindsets, and mental conditioning essential developing and maintaining the "must-win" attitude.  We separate the amatures from the pros on and off the court.


  • Provide support to players, coaching staff, & PC/PD

  • Bridge System gaps

  • Eliminate mental & situational blocks

  • Find novel and unique solutions to performance challenges

  • Promote excellence, self-discipline, motivation, accountability and stick-to-it-ness

  • Serve as a liaison between players and middle-market and international leagues.


  • Baseline Personality Profiles

  • Weekly Peak Performance Workshops

  • Mental Performance Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Goal Setting Skills

  • Learning Assessments and Strategies

  • Enhancing Skills and Training Outcomes




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